General Guidelines

General Lending Guidelines

  • We lend anywhere in Ontario!
  • Up to 65% LTV with population base of 25,000 or greater/minimum home value of $250,000 on town services

Residential Mortgage Solutions

  • 1st mortgages up to 75% on town services in major cities  – no population minimum
  • Residential up to 65% on well & septic
  • Rural Residential up to 65% LTV – FULL acreage

Agricultural Mortgage Solutions

  • up to 55% LTV
  • We value house and FULL acreage; no outbuildings, crops, livestock, etc.

Underwriting Policy Highlights

  • Interest rates start at 6.99% and go up to 8.99% with lender fees ranging from 1.5/2.5%. Fees will be deducted from advance. We do not pay finder’s fees; brokers are responsible for charging their own fee and providing us with the Letter of Direction. We will collect the fee for you.
    • We will amortize up to 40 years at no additional cost.
    • We require a minimum of $50,000.00 equity in every deal.
    • Our minimum loan amount is $50,000.00
  • We do not income qualify, no GDS/TDS requirements. If client is employed, we require a paystub to prove employment only. If self-employed, we provide a self-declared document that needs to be completed by the client(s).  We require nothing else for employment verification.
  • If we are advancing cash over and above the mortgage and fees, we require a detailed list of where the funds are going.
    • i.e., statements, invoices, etc.